Apr 23, 2011


*Invitations Inspiration

I found these beautiful lace invitations.  They are pricey, but I'm going to wave the DIY wand again.  Yet another project on my growing list.  I have already bought the ivory lace, and the samples for the cardstock in a Tiffany blue and pistachio green.  

Inspiration:  (It will look very different though since I plan on using pocketfolds in blue and green and without ribbon.)


Actual DIY:  (I'm so sad I forgot to bring one to the wedding for my photog to take a picture.)


(12) Comments

So pretty!

These are beautiful!!!!

Feel free!  I'd be glad to help.  It was challenging, but worth it.

I threw out the idea of DIY invites but seeing these gives me hope! I may be coming to you for some tips =)