Jun 12, 2010



We honeymooned in TN.  Our cabin was gorgeous, and we had some great sightseeing!

honeymoon photo 1honeymoon photo 2

                   Posing at the aquarium.                                         I miss this tub. :-(

                honeymoon photo 3

                                                        The view from our cabin.



              honeymoon photo 8

                                            Driving through the national park one morning.

honeymoon photo 9honeymoon photo 10

                     On Lake Douglas....                                        I had to recreate a heart picture.

honeymoon photo 11honeymoon photo 12

                    Our day on the lake.                                                At Cade's Cove


(5) Comments

This is a gorgeous place, looks so relaxing, romantic and perfect for a honeymoon.

I live in Tennessee.. Was this in gatlinburg?? You gotta love the mountains :)

OMG!!! Gorgeous view and love the tub!!!!

Gorgeous HM!!  Looks like it was a blast : )