Mar 19, 2011


Just for Fun!

I saw this in a Bi-Lo and immediately thought of Charlie!  I told him I was going to get this as his Groom's Cake.Just for Fun photo 1


I'm not a huge baseball fan, my alma mater just won the College World Series!  To get to the final series, we had to play out rivals, the Clemson Tigers.  It was needed after the beating we got in Cola during the regular season.  They have incredibly hideous colors and their fans are awful, awful people.  If you ever meet one, punch them! (Okay, they're not all awful.  I just happen to find myself around the obnoxious ones that need to learn to be quiet.)

Anyway, after we beat them twice someone sent me this.  It's our head coach.

Just for Fun photo 2

Look! A chicken!  This little guy just trotted up to me and posed for the camera! He was maaaaybe eight inches tall, too.

#19 University of South Carolina hands #1 and National Champions Alabama an upset to remember!

34-21: Man handled!

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Shove it, Carolina. You meanie.

I love this idea…!! Thanks!!

Haha, I'm glad a Clemson fan saw this.  I work in the same program with two Clemson grads and I get so much crap over our games! And we're still talking about this weekend!

But I will say this: Regardless, South Carolina teams need to root for one another when it matters.  I feel like none of the schools here get any love.

Hey don't punch me!  I love my Tigers!  FI is a Cock so we are always making bets on the games lol.