Jun 26, 2010


Wedding week & Rehearsal Re-cap

I arrived in St. Louis one week prior, and actually had finished most of my DIYs before I left (so I didn't have to take all of the supplies with me...LOL), so the week of was spent mostly visiting with family and doing last minute things like seating, etc.  My DH (!) came down on the Wednesday before, so we were able to spend a few nights together before the wedding, which was nice and totally relaxing.  I didn't stress AT ALL until the day before the wedding and I started to think of everything that could go wrong, but I didn't have a crazy freak out or bridezilla moment, so that was good.

Friday we went to Sam's club and bought all of the beer, soda, water, and food for the cocktail hour (cheese cubes, fruit trays, pita crackers and cheese spread).  We then headed over to the reception hall to decorate.  I am so thankful we were able to get in the day before to do this; kudos to you brides who have to set up the morning of- I was lucky to be able to totally relax while getting ready on Saturday knowing the hall was taken care of!  Plus, I got to see how crafty my machinist dad was- he was rockstar at putting together centerpieces!  I got a lot of satisfaction to see how good the hall looked- although it would have been so easy to just pay someone else to do it, I was happy to put the blood sweat and tears in to make it my own!  We left there and went to the hotel and then rehearsal at the park.  We were done with the rehearsal in about 25 minutes (despite a gang of ducks and geese stalking around the gazebo...LOL), and the electricity box we were supposed to use was locked, so I was a little worried about that and couldn't remember if I put on our contract if we needed electricity or not, but decided to go enjoy dinner and then worry about it later...    We had our rehearsal dinner at Square One Brewery about a block from the park.  Our menu included microbrews, pot roast, shirmp pasta, fish & chips, and polenta and beer cheese soup- DELICIOUS!  Everyone was commenting on how good the food was, and the beer was apletny too.  :)  Frank and I gave a small thank you speech to everyone, and I couldn't help by choking up a little when I was talking about how all of the absolute most important people were in the room- I just was overwhelmed at how much love there is between our friends and families for Frank and I- needless to say, the feelings are mutual!  :)  Then we gave t-shirts to our wedding party, ushers, and our reader.  The shirts are from my high school, and the mascot is a midget, so people thought they were hilarious.  I get asked all the time to get people shirts, so I finally did it as a little wedding thank you!  Then, Frank's groomsmen got him framed/signed photos of Lambeau Field and Miller Park (can you tell he's a cheesehead???), which I know he loved SO much.  My dad ordered a round for the whole group, and we stayed until around 8:30 or so, talking and hanging out on the balcony.  I loved every minute of our rehearsal!

Wedding week Rehearsal Re cap photo 1

Wedding week Rehearsal Re cap photo 2

We went back to the hotel, and all of my bridesmaids stayed in the room with me, which I was so happy about.  More on how awesome they are later.  Two of the girls grabbed Ted Drew's (an awesome custard place in St. Louis) and the rest of us ordered a pizza (ok...the beer was very strong!).  Yes, I know what you're thinking, I ate pizza, ice cream, and drank beer the night before my wedding...I may be a bride, but I'm still me, LOL :)  We gave ourselves pedicures in the bathtub, ironed dresses, and chatted until crawling into bed around 11:30.  Frank, my DH, had to stop by the room to grab his tux so we said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways for the evening!

Wedding week Rehearsal Re cap photo 3

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