Jan 01, 1980


Overeating and stress

Overeating otherwise termed as a binge eating is a trait which is most typical among women. Statistics do show the quantity of ladies who take part in this behavior is substantially higher when compared with the amount of men. In light of this fact, it is very important try to obtain the underlying causes of binge eating, especially binge eating among women. So, stop overeating

Studies conducted by several behavioral scientists came up with various findings as to the reasons why women take part in binge or emotional eating. Probably the most common triggers of stop compulsive eating among women is not enough an effective emotional coping mechanism. A substantial amount of women who have in the past or the other admitted to participating in binge eating concede that behavior was triggered by a few event that resulted to emotional distress on his or her part. These women then went ahead and adopted compulsive eating routine as a means of managing the emotional distress that they were undergoing.

The emotional distress angle is further underscored through the correlation between binge eating and depression. Many women binge eating as a way of dealing with great shape of depression. Many behavioral scientists are quick to say the direct correlation between binge eating and depression among women. An important variety of girls that have admitted to engaging in binge eating admit they were experiencing depression at that time.

As well as lack of a highly effective emotional coping mechanism, another major reason for binge eating among women is aggressive dieting programs. Most dieticians concur that severe dieting whether self prescribed or prescribed by an unqualified physical training instructor could have a backlash effect which will manifest as binge eating. This effect is more pronounced when they are faced with stressful situations. A great number of women who have admitted to own endured binge eating chalk this up problem to a severe dieting program which they involved in at some part or the other.

The next and final source of binge eating being a stress coping mechanism among women is obesity. Studies indicate that while confronting stressful situations, women who suffer from obesity are more inclined to engage in binge eating compared to those that do not.

Overall, binge eating can be a serious problem that ought to be addressed immediately. For anyone women who want to stop overeating, here's a url to an instructional video that will help you in stopping this habit forever in three simple actions

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