Jun 12, 2010

I am a long-time PW bride turned Community Coordinator. I <3 PW!


Since our wedding and reception were held at a summer camp, we thought a S'mores station would make the perfect touch!  (We did these in lieu of favors.)

We used 2 tabletop fire bowls that we found on clearance at WalMart for $25 each.  And we used graham crackers, marshmallows, and mini Hershey's chocolate bars.  Oh, and wooden skewers that we had soaked in water to keep them from burning so fast.

The S'mores station was a big hit!

S mores photo 1

S mores photo 2

S mores photo 3

S mores photo 4

S mores photo 5

S mores photo 6

All photos courtesy of MaryBeth Clouser.


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All those cakes...and smores, lucky guests!

i NEED to do this! this is awesome! : )

Such a fun idea, and very cost-effective, too!

I really want a marshmellow right now!