Jun 12, 2010

I am a long-time PW bride turned Community Coordinator. I <3 PW!

Down on the Farm

My husband loves tractors.  Especially John Deere tractors.  So when we discovered that a friend of the family actually has a little farm and John Deere tractor mini-museum, we knew it would make a perfect spot for pictures.  We planned to go before the ceremony, but I was running behind, so these got pushed to the end of the day.  We were so hot and half of my makeup had melted off by this point, but I still love these pictures!

Down on the Farm photo 1

Down on the Farm photo 2

Down on the Farm photo 3

Down on the Farm photo 4

Down on the Farm photo 5

Down on the Farm photo 6


All photos courtesy of MaryBeth Clouser.

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Lovely pictures

your photos are beautiful!! The venue is gorgeous.

Aww, how cute is that!

That second to last picture is so cool!