Jun 12, 2010

I am a long-time PW bride turned Community Coordinator. I <3 PW!

Our Cakes

Our cake table was filled with homemade cakes (german chocolate, butter pecan, mandarin orange, apple walnut oatmeal, coconut lemon, chocolate raspberry) with a simple 2-tier wedding cake (white with raspberry filling and my homemade buttercream) topped with my DIY birdie cake topper.  We also had a fantastic armadillo grooms cake that was red velvet inside to give it the "bleeding armadillo grooms cake" effect, like in the movie Steel Magnolias.  Everything was delicious!

(The mandarin orange cake hadn't arrived yet when this pic was taken.)

Our Cakes photo 1

Our Cakes photo 2

Our Cakes photo 3

Our Cakes photo 4

Our Cakes photo 5

Our Cakes photo 6

Our Cakes photo 7

The Bleeding Armadillo Grooms Cake (inspired by the movie Steel Magnolias):

Our Cakes photo 8

Our Cakes photo 9

Our Cakes photo 10

Our Cakes photo 11

All photos courtesy of MaryBeth Clouser.


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Your cake table is very close to my ideal cake table. Lovin' it. I need to find some of those napkins at Marshalls!

That armadillo is crazy cute!  Crazy cute! 

I love the styling of your wedding!!! And you looked beautiful!!!

an armadillo cake!! That is so awesome!