Mar 19, 2011


Let the Fools Eat Cake!

Okay, so if you're not aware of it Charlie and I like things that are different.  Just a little.  We have plenty of traditional things, but this isn't really one of them. 

We're doing a cupcake tower in lieu of the traditional wedding cake.  For a few reasons, really.  Everyone loves cupcakes, it'll be a good attention grabber, we know someone that can do it for us, and it saves on cake cutting fees.  That, and ever try to mingle and drink while eating a piece of cake? It's hard to eat cake with a fork off a plate when you have a beer in your hand.

I'll need to buy the stand (probably from and decorate it to suit my purposes.  The first layer will be a cake so we can cut into it! And I made a topper, so I need something to stick it in. I like the clean, simple but elegant styles.  The top tier would probably just be white icing (NO fondant) with a blue ribbon at the base.

Let the Fools Eat Cake photo 1 Let the Fools Eat Cake photo 2 Let the Fools Eat Cake photo 3 Let the Fools Eat Cake photo 4 Let the Fools Eat Cake photo 5

Let the Fools Eat Cake photo 6

Just a few little bits of inspiration!  But uh... Okay, so don't judge me for this but we decided there's no way we can use chocolate icing if it's piped on.  He and I have waaay too much of a juvenile sense of humor, and it kinda looks like a pile of poo. 

Do you have any cake idea you just LOVE? 

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I LOVE this concept for my vow renewal!

We love cupcakes too! We did buy our tree from save-on-crafts, it comes in a HUGE box. We're going to paint it and line it with ribbon, but I'm at a loss as to how else to decorate it. And we're doing ice cream cupcakes from Cold Stone, they are SO GOOD.

wooooow.  I wonder if they even got to taste the cake!

Here's an example of brown frosting on my one year old nephew! :)

(Note the arm)

And his big sister: