Aug 07, 2005


---- Quotations ----

I am so into hearing the opinions of others and can't help but smile when I read something witty, funny, kind, loving, or just outright true.

Here I've decided to make a PW space to keep record of things I like... maybe I'll quote it on my big day!


      "Love is a given,
  Friendship is a variable,
but when added together
      the answer is an
    Everlasting Marriage."


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Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, gave me a very nice, warm, fuzzy feeling :)!



Mercy, your bio is the most thoughtful and inspiring one I've read... Thank you for sharing! Best wishes to you and your growing family! :)


"Do Not Let Others Bring The Worst Out In You Or Become Something You're Not,
This Only Gives The Wrong Impression & Rightfully So...
Stay True To Yourself So The World May Know How Wonderful You Really Are"