Jul 08, 2011


Proposal! or A Night I Scared Families

It was pretty much the most romantic night ever, even before the proposal. Dan and I have always loved fireworks, and every year on the Fourth of July we make sure to catch the beautiful show over the beach in Sea Isle City. This year everything seemed perfect: the sun had set, but there were still traces of pink and purple in the sky; the promenade was lit up with grand, old houses in the background; boats were silently bobbing on the ocean;and although people had all come out to the beach, we managed to find our own little section on the sand near the water where no one was too nearby.

In hindsight I should have seen it coming... Dan, although seemingly calm, had made sure that we were both well-dressed and that none of our friends back at the shorehouse came with us. We watched the show and said sweet, gooey things to each other, and when the fireworks came to a dramatic close, Dan said that he had one more thing to make the night even more romantic. He had written me a poem.

Now I'm usually the writer, so I was especially touched by this. It was sweet and cute and sometimes funny, and thinking about it now, I'm pretty sure it's my favorite poem ever. This is particularly because the last line read, "I hope you've enjoyed the reasons why I love you, because now I will propose."

I stood there like an absolute fool, mouth gaping open and tears already starting, and even as he was down on one knee in the sand, holding up a black box that I could barely see in the darkness, I started bawling. Not cute little tears, but full on sobbing with little shrieks that probably made the people around us think that there was an Independence Day attack taking place. Looking at the mascara streaks in photos from that night, I'm sure I wasn't cute at all, but it was one of the greatest nights of my life. And it was only made greater when we finally stepped into some light, and I could clearly see the stunningly gorgeous ring he had picked out. (Seriously, this thing alone is enough to make a woman say yes. Getting Dan is just an added bonus ;)

Proposal or The Night I Scared Families photo 1

(This photo does it absolutely no justice. It's a nearly flawless 1.24 carat diamond in a medium-height, four-prong setting with a white gold band. I always wanted a solitaire because I love the simplicity of the band against a beautiful stone... I never expected it to be this amazing though!)

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Your ring is stunning.  Your engagement story, one for the ages. 


Your ring is really beautiful!!

Your ring is gorgeous!  I just loved seeing your pics of Philly too.  I am a Philly girl!

Happy wedding planning!

Dear Grace,

Thank you so much.  Your owner is right, your black and white picture doesn't do you justice, especially with bringing out the sparkle in your one eye.  I can also tell that she loves you and don't worry, you can tell your owner that shes not crazy.  Pretty things should always have names.  :)

Sparkle hug,