Jul 09, 2011


The engagement!

I had been waiting for it for like 7 months!  Thought it would happen at didn't...thought it would happen for valentines didn't...thought it would happen at didn't! Jeff wanted to go to the beach to take pictures and hang out (not unusual...we live 20 minutes from galveston!).  So we shopped around the strand and went to east beach and took some pictures...then we went and ate at the sea wall.  It was nice and relaxing because we had both been working very long hours the past few months.  So then he wanted to drive down to jamaica beach and look at the houses that were built after hurricane we did that and it was nice, but I told him I was ready to go home...but he insisted that he wanted to get a few more beach pictures. (we got what I call a "big" camera a few months ago)  So we first turned into a neighborhood and he insisted there were toooo many people!  Then drove down to another spot and it was pretty clear.  So I took some pictures of some birds...

The engagement photo 1

Then he suggested that I take pictures of the sun setting...which was gorgeous!  So I was taking pictures of the sunset and I noticed he was looking around and not what i was taking a picture of!  I was getting irritated because HE wanted to go out there and take picture but HE wasn't even paying attention!  then I turned once and saw him fiddling in his pocket and at that moment I just knew but sorta I just turned around and kept taking pictures!

The engagement photo 2

So while I was taking pictures of the sunset Jeff said "why don't you take a picture of this!" and I turned around and he was holding the ring box!  We both would have pegged me for a cryer but instead I just started laughing and couldn't stop laughing (a nervous habit!).  It was funny.  So then Jeff took the camera and took pictures of me while on the phone with my mom! 

The engagement photo 3 Don't mind the

WE then sat on the beach and it was awesome!!!

The engagement photo 4



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CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Amazing ring and great proposal story!  Your wedding is coming up, how exciting!

Ab Fab ring. Love it...oh and your dress...bow chicka bow bow! Love it! From one July bride to another. :)

love your ring

Gorgeous Ring!!! And beautiful story :)