May 28, 2011


::cakes galore!::

We have decided on a three-tier round cake. We wanted a simple design with fresh flowers!

It will be sort of a mash-up of these two styles:

:: Design ::

All ivory buttercream icing, similar to the cake on the right. BUT with the patterns of the cake on the left.

Top tier: Dots. Middle tier: Scrolls. Bottom tier: Lattice pattern.

The dots will be silver and gold.

:: Topper ::

We ordered a 6" monogram wooden topper from Crafty Eddy. I will be painting it coral, and then adding DIY bling. We will also add coral roses to the top, as well as the tiers, like this:

Cake fun photo 1

:: Flavors ::

Since the red velvet cheesecake was instrumental to our proposal, we wanted to incorporate that into our wedding cake! The bottom tier will be red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. The middle and top tiers will be pink champagne cake with cream cheese filling.

:: Cake table ::

We will have our cake, rose petals, knife & server set and my bouquet on the table. And as many votives as I can squeeze on the table!


Some other cake inspirations that we liked during our search!

 Cake fun photo 2 Cake fun photo 3 Cake fun photo 4

Cake fun photo 5 Cake fun photo 6

Cake fun photo 7 Cake fun photo 8 Cake fun photo 9

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Beautiful inspiration! This one is seriously

Cake fun photo 7

Awesome cake! How'd the cake topper go?