Apr 23, 2011


*Quotes and Favors

I'm an English teacher, so of course literature is my crack.  haha  I love finding beautiful quotes and writing them down in a journal.  They're usually inspiring, and they always brighten my day.  

This one we are printing and placing at each guest's seat (possibly with a favor, but we haven't decided if that's in the budget)  My FH is Irish, so an Irish Blessing only makes sense.  I also love it because it is about our two colors, blue and green:

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We are going to place these at each person's seat, and we will include these small birds nest cookies along with the favor cards. UPDATE:  We won birdnest tealight favors through a giveaway contest, so we're nixing the edible birdnests.  But it's a super cute and easy favor, so I left it here for others to use if they wanted.

Here is the recipe  (Butterscotch birds nests with milk chocolate eggs)  They are sooo yummy!

Bird's Nest Cookies

We are getting married on Shakespeare's birthday!  Ah!  I'm so excited, and, yes, I'm such a nerd.  We are incorporating a quote by William Shakespeare in our programs.  I think it's meaning goes perfectly with the joining of two in holy matrimony.  It reads:

So they lov'd as love in twain

Had the essence but in one;

Two distinct, divisions none...

-- William Shakespeare

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Those are too adorable!

Nerdy lit comments are the best!!  My fiance was a creative writing major and a huge bookworm, so I know we'll be following this example!

Your wedding looks as though it will be beautiful!  (and huzzah for colorguard!)