Oct 08, 2011


Forever My Friend

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...Forever my love.

Long story short -- Philip and I met in 2005 when we were both working at Express.  We were both managers and he was visiting to help the store out.  From the moment we met, we had a connection, but were both dating other people.  We were instantly friends and I knew I wanted him in my life!  Cut to a little over a year later and we were no longer dating others and open to the idea of seeing what we really had together.  Philip came to my place on Thanksgiving night of 2006 beacuse I was alone (I'm from Atlanta and we all know how Black Friday is for retail workers!) and he was visiting family.  After 4 straight hours of talking on my couch (so long that the candles burning on my dining room table dripped all over my runner! hehe), we decided to take the leap and go on our first "official date."  Over the past 5 years we've been through a lot together and it's only made us stronger.  His family is my family and my family is his!  As cliche as it is, I can say I'm marrying my best friend! ---CHEESY---

 ***Some pages have been made private for my own piece of mind.  Just send me a friend request! :)**

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Miss Jules ... so appropriate that you are one of my first PW friends, and this title "Forever My Friend" - I have a feeling you know, and maybe we share this common bond too ...

My and Bryan's wedding song is/will be Ray Lamotagne, "Forever My Friend". Check it out, I'd love to share a wedding song with you!! 

What a romantic story.  And, no, it's not cheesy!  Congrats, chica!  Im your date twin from L.A.!

Love the ticker! =)