Oct 08, 2011


Our Child

Meet Kingston Trouble!  He's our 2 1/2 year old Miniature Bull Terrier aka Spudz McKenzie, Target Dog, Chico, Frankenweenie...He is basically like having a mischevious child in a 42 lb. muscular body.  But no matter how much of a handful he is, we love him with all our heart!  I've never met a dog with more personality...are you sure there's not a dude in there?? We say he's "that dude"...you know that annoying-wanna be in your face friend! hehe

Our Child photo 1 Our Child photo 2 Our Child photo 3Our Child photo 4

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Awwwww if this isn't cute!

He's so... cute

Your dog is so adorable!!!!!

I love your dog!When I was little I used to have a dog like yours. He was such a sweetie.