May 28, 2011


::diy - bridesmaid cards::

My first DIY!

"Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards, inspired by

They are paper dolls of my 4 BMs and 1 Man of Honor. I assembled them and put one set with each card, which had a personalized poem. Then I slid a belly band over it to hold it all together. I mailed them to each person individually. It was SO much fun waiting on their phone calls, and they all loved them!!!

DIY projects photo 1 DIY projects photo 2

The poems read:

It's been ten years since we first met,
and began a friendship I could never forget.
From Austin until now,
A million memories we’ve made.
We’ve laughed and even cried;
There's not a moment I'd trade.
And though our lives are changing, our friendship stays true;
I will need my friend there when I say "I do."
You're the best kind of friend that there ever could be,
On May 28, 2011, will you stand up for me?



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love the poem!


They are beautiful.. I also diyed mine :)

OMG, they came out so cute!  i tried to do them but gave up cuz they were looking very elementary school, lol...GOOD JOB!