Mar 23, 2007



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I plan events for a living and when I got engaged I was so excited to plan an event that is so meaningful and I set forth to plan a romantic, elegant and fun event that really reflected our personalities. I thought since I do this all the time it would be a breeze. It wasnt. I got really consumed in crazy details of the wedding. I had a lot of anxiety about everything. Even the night before the wedding I was up until 1am worrying if perhaps the napkins that I chose clashed with the linens (they didnt) and I stressed that no body would dance. What I realized the day of our wedding was that some of it was worth it (the cutting out of programs, assembling the passports, making crazy detailed lists) and the majority of the anxiety and worries were not. Everyone danced, the napkins were fine and I had an absolute blast! Even though I got bogged down with worries and negativity at certain points of the planning process all of those memories are now replaced by the beautiful memories from our wedding day. I cant begin to explain what a high it is to be at YOUR wedding and the love you feel for not only your husband but for your wedding party, family and friends who have all gathered from all over the country to be there to celebrate such an important moment.
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I loved the bridesmaid's dresses!!  Where did you find them?  I'm going for shabby chic...