Sep 18, 2010


[rehearsal dinner]

Our rehearsal dinner is going to be a big event with about 60 people (most of our guests are from OOT) so we wanted to do something fun and memorable! We are so excited that we are having our rehearsal dinner on an excursion yacht for a cruise on Lake Sidney Lanier! My FILs are renting the yacht through the yacht through the resort where we are having our ceremony and reception (Lake Lanier Islands Resort) so it will be really convenient for everyone staying at the resort. The yacht is called the Island Princess and it features an enclosed cabin with catering and bar service, two restrooms, a formal seating and dining area, and a partially covered upper party deck with an additional bar.

rehearsal dinner photo 1 rehearsal dinner photo 2

{rd invitations & menu}

These are two of my DIY projects and I'm really happy with how they turned out! 

Digital Mock-Ups:


The Real Deal!

The night was a blast! I only wish we had captured more pictures! Here are a few from the night.







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OMG what a neat idea! That's definitely unforgettable.

Wow, lucky for your bridal party! I bet it was a blast!

Your rehearsal dinner is going to be amazing!! 

Ummm... can I come to your rehearsal dinner ;)  Hehe... I love your invites and the whole idea for a rehearsal dinner cruise!  How fun!