Jul 09, 2011


My accessories!!!

Going into my wedding planning I said I didn't want to be stressed and the small things didn't matter to me!  HAHA YEAH RIGHT!  That changed really fast.  Here are the small additions to my look!

EARRINGS: Joy on but they are on back order right now so i'm hoping to get them in a few months!

My accessories photo 1


HAIR FLOWER: by AmieNoelDesigns on Etsy!

My accessories photo 2 My accessories photo 3



My accessories photo 4

My garters!!!! By tinarie21 on etsy!

My accessories photo 5

(5) Comments

Your garters are STUNNING!

tinarie21 did my garter set as well :)

I'm loving yours a lot!!!

Yeah, I said that too... but then the bridezilla hormones kick in and you find yourself spending hours on the internet to find the perfect pair of undies and yelling at your caterer. Sad... but FUN!! Enjoy it!

Love the peachy/blushy tones of the garters!