Oct 09, 2010


Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards

My bridal shower was hosted by my 3 bridesmaids and the location was a complete surprise.  We started off with a wine tasting and then a tour of the vineyards.  My sister made the most adorable cupcakes to look like a grapebunch it was just an amazing day!  I feel so blessed to have such great friends, family and family-to-be!

Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 1Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 2Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 3Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 4Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 5Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 6Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 7Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 8Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 9Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 10Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 11Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 12Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 13Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 14Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 15Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 16Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 17Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 18Bridal Shower at Boordy Vineyards photo 19

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love love love!  looks so perfect! What a great place!