Jul 31, 2010


We're Married!

My wedding was amazing!  There were a few hiccups throughout the day, but nothing terrible and everyone had an overall great time.  Here is a breakdown of the best day of my life thus far.  Enjoy!

9AM: Met with Bridesmaids and my mom to have hair and makeup done.  We drank champagne and ate Gardetto's and Triscuit crackers. We all looked great.  :)

Attention all you L.A. area brides: My bridal hair stylist is moving to Sherman Oaks next month and will be looking for brides to make beautiful.  If interested, shoot me a PM and I will give you her current contact information.

2PM:  First Look..  Nic almost didn't show up.  My mom went to his hotel room at about 5 til to move our luggage into the bridal suit and he was STILL IN THE ROOM!!!  He claimed that I never told him where to meet and at what time, but I did - I called him around 10AM to remind him to be ready and in place by 2PM.  She made him leave right away.  Even though he was a few minutes late, it was so awesome.  He stood in the hotel lobby facing away from the stair case I was descending.  Once I made it to the bottom, I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned away.  He said I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and while he denies it, I saw tears in his eyes!

2:30PM:  The entire bridal shower met at the ceremony site to have photos taken.  Nic and I got married in a MN state park that has the most beautiful views ever!  It was terrible hot and we were all sweaty, but I think the photos will turn out wonderfully.  Here is a teaser my photog sent me.

We re Married photo 1 

4:30PM:  Ceremony!  It was perfect although a little warm, but I smiled the entire walk down the aisle.  Unfortunately, my sweet little flowergirl wasn't so sweet and wouldn't walk down the aisle by herself.  Instead, her dad (my bro-in-law) carried her down instead.  It was so cute.  My mom stepped into a hole on the way down the aisle and almost fell.  She caught herself from falling but stepped on my dress in the process and left a nice grass/dirt stain on my train.  Eek!  Anyway, the rest of the ceremony went flawless.  We said the vows, poured sand into the unity vase (my sand came from Fort Myers, FL where I'm from and his sand came from his hometown of Duluth, MN.), exchanged wedding bands then was pronounced husband and wife!!!  Here's the kiss!

We re Married photo 2

4:45PM: After the ceremony, we did the family photos and then Nic and I drove ourselves back to the hotel.  It was so nice to have those precious few moments together before the reception started.  When we got to the hotel, we immediately went up to our hotel room to freshen up and take off my crinoline (sooo not worth the money.  It was uncomfortable, the tulle kept sticking to my legs while I walked) before joining our bridal party for the grand entrance.

6PM:  Reception officially started.  The food, dessert and dancing was awesome.  Everyone had a great time and kept telling us that ours was the best wedding they ever went to!!!!  Someone crashed our wedding and drew a penis on our wedding tree, but my sister was able to cover it up with some extra thumbprints and it is now barely noticable.  Thank God!  Thanks sissy!

All in all, my wedding day was amazing.  It was definitely worth all the stress and frustration that came along with the planning process!  Here are the rest of my teasers.  I hope you like them!

We re Married photo 3 We re Married photo 4

We re Married photo 5 We re Married photo 6

We re Married photo 7

We re Married photo 8 We re Married photo 9

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Congrats! You look beautiful!


Your wedding pics are amazing!  I love the colors you chose for you wedding party!