Aug 14, 2010


:::Gifts for the Guys:::

We had the hardest time figuring out what to do here but FI finally decided to just individualize. So here they are!

New black studs for two with pierced ears.

Gifts for the Guys photo 1

Engraved mugs for 4 of our drinkers.

Gifts for the Guys photo 2

For the student, an engraved box of pencils with encouraging words on them!

Gifts for the Guys photo 3

My personal fave, engraved Chuck Taylors for his 3 guys that have actually been putting forth A LOT of effort to help things run more smoothly.

Gifts for the Guys photo 4

Gifts for the Guys photo 5

Gifts for the Guys photo 6

Every gift (except the earrings) are personalized with the guy's nickname. It's pretty cool. Makes me want to be one of his GMs!! At least one who put forth effort!! LOL!

We also got them all Argyle socks and the GMs Ts. I'm putting them all together next week!! YAY!!!!!!!!

(2) Comments

I love these gifts! Some embroidery place the other day told me that they couldn't embroider Chucks. HUH? :-)

That is sooooo cool! Where dd you get your converse engraved with the names? I love that!