May 23, 2010


Toast to the 'Rents!

ok...I didnt actually do mine cause I was a basket case from my dads toast right before.  This is the jist of what I was gonna say.

To Mikes Parents...thank you so much for welcoming me into the family.  I feel blessed to have you as my parents too.  Most of all, I will forever be grateful that you raised Mike to be the supportive, caring, responsible man he is.  I will always cherish him for those qualities. 

And dad, please know that you made me the person I am today.  When I look into Mikes eyes, I know he loves me whole heartedly.  It is the same look that I imagine you gave to mom many times (Mom passed way when i was 7 and dad was devastated).  I love you so much.


Could ya believe I didn't get to say that!  Stupid emotions!


Mike did a speech too, but shame on me...I don't remeber it at all!

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