Aug 07, 2010



Our wedding was on saturday 7th of August 2010 and I can say: this was one of the most amazing days so far in my life! I surprised myself: I wasn't too nervous...:-)

So we got up pretty early, I had my hair- and make-up appointment at 8.30. I was relaxed and enjoyed the pampering. Hair and make-up came out great! Back home DH was gone to his best friend to get dressed and my dad and sister came to our house to help me get ready. Still: I was not nervous, more really happy to finally get in my dress and have an amazing day. My dad then drove me together with my sister to the church, in an amazing new Jaguar, WOW, I felt like a princess :-)

The weather was beautiful, sunshine all day, and when I arrived in front of the church I started getting nervous, my heart was beating and I started shaking... :-) my dad did an amazing job, he was so lovely. He holded my hand and then we started walking down the aisle and it was just... WOW... blewing me away! I felt like if I was flying... DH was standing there with his biggest smile. One of the happiest moments in my life! When I arrived in the front DH said to me: You're the most beautiful woman in the world. Oh man, I thought I started crying. The ceremony was lovely and very emotional, as the priest is a friend of us, aswell as the musicians. It was just as we wanted it to be, just perfect!

After the ceremony we had a cocktail hour in a park near the church. The place was lovely, with a big tree and lots of shade. We haven't seen the buffet though, cause by the time we got all the congrats from everyone, all the yummy things were gone :-)
After the cocktail hour we left for our couples-pro pics and then joined our guests for the reception at 6 pm. The reception place was amazing and our flower-lady had done a wonderful job, everthing looked beautiful, all in our colours, light pink and ivory. The food was superbe and the wine too! We loved everything!

Just 3 things didn't work out as we wanted to: DH and I both thought that the service at the reception could have been better. Several times I had to ask to get more wine and water. Also they didn't take care enough about the light. Many times, especially after the band playing, they lighted up the whole room, instead of keeping the lights down, in order to have a nice atmosphere with the candles. But we realised, that most of the people didn't notice at all (good for us :-)). Another thing that really bothered me was the next morning: About 30 people were sleeping at the hotel and we invited them for breakfast on Sunday morning. But the staff at the breaky-restaurant wasn't ready and they were not very nice towards us. This was a bit weird.

All in all we had the most wonderful day, everyone was happy and lovely, the weather was perfect and I wish I could have stopped the time for a while! My advice to all the brides to be: Enjoy every single moment of your wedding day, as time just passes by so fast.


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You made such a beautiful bride! Very classic and beautiful wedding too! :) Congratulations!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my proposal on my bio!  I greatly appreciate it.  Have a wonderful day!



sounds like an amazing day!!

Congrats! I can't wait to see pictures!