Mar 24, 2011


:::The Look:::


I spent WAY more than I should have on these, but they're SO perfect!!

And these, too!

My DIY hair flower:

The designs that FMIL made me to choose from for my veil (veil coming soon):

My DIY bracelet and earrings (pic coming soon, FI has the camera!) Here they are, including my DIY foot thong/bottomless sandal:

And unfortunately I can't take a clear pic of my nose stud and tongue ring with mt P&S camera. :(



My DRESS!!!! Mori Lee 'Blu' collection #4523:

UPDATE: Dec 28/10~ I've got my dress!!!

She's a little big in the bust area, a little too long,  and I think the boning will need a some reinforcement, but she's so perfect!  I can only wish that I looked like the model in the stock photo, but I've gotta say, I really love it.

Please excuse my bland face and lame hair, I was running late this morning!

Not exactly a flattering pic, I'll admit.  I actually look pretty slim IRL- my daughter took this pic and told me to "stop sucking your belly in!" but I wasn't!

Here's one where you can see that it's too large in the bust/boob area; it should be WAY more fitted than it is.

This is a 9ft chapel length veil, which is what I thought I wanted (well, really a 6ft, but you get the idea). My MOH and I thought this might be a little overkill, especially if it's windy.

But, the fingertip veil is perfect. :) Just the right length!







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Beautiful dress hun!!  You look amazing in it!  And yeah, if someone tells you to suck it in and you aren't - that is a great thing!!  :) 

I also think it's so funny that we all write 'please don't pay attention to how I look', the consultant at my bridal shop got me to do some ridiculous poses - no one will ever see those pictures!! 

LOVE LOVE the whole vibe of your wedding!! We are getting married on the beach locally!!  :) Can't wait to see it come together for you!

LOVE your dress!!!

That dress looks beautiful on you!!