Nov 27, 2010



My ideas around flowers have shifted as the wedding planning progressed.  I thought I wanted a deep red dramatic bouquet, but when I close my eyes and picture myself as a bride, I only see white.  I want an interesting bouquet, however, and I think it will be achieved by adding dimension with pale shades of gold, peach, pink and purple.

My latest obsession is with warm hued roses:

Flowers photo 1 Flowers photo 2 Flowers photo 3 

Flowers photo 4 Flowers photo 5 Flowers photo 6 

Flowers photo 7 Flowers photo 8  Flowers photo 9

I love the romantice look of peonies (left photo below from the, but they are not in season in November.  The same look, however, can be achieved with garden roses (right photo below).

Flowers photo 10 Flowers photo 11

Peony:            Garden Rose:

Flowers photo 12   Flowers photo 13

Rose inspiration:

Flowers photo 14 Flowers photo 15 Flowers photo 16


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