Jul 08, 2011


The dress! ...And everything else

After a devasting first dress shopping experience, during which I felt a.) like a bus and b.) humiliated for crying because I felt like a bus, I got back in the saddle and tried again. The only alternative, as I threatened FI later that night, was to get married in a denim mini and tank top. Either that or the wedding was off, which I had angrily announced in the dressing room when a particularly nasty little halter gown managed to make me look like I was pregnant and in my third fourth trimester.

Regardless, my resilient and saintly mother and I trucked on into three shops today, although the last two were only needed to reassure me that The Dress was in the first. In fact, she was only the second of twenty-trillion dresses I had tried on, but she spoke to me. Loudly, but with the voice of an angel. An angel I never expected to hear from, as she came in a silhouette I never in a million years thought I would like, let alone fall passionately in love with. My pretty little Victoriana.

Now, onto The Dress!

(You girls know the drill... pardon the unusual facial expressions, unattractive backfat pockets, and general weirdness that accompanies photos taken by one's mother in a make-shift dressing room while wearing an unfitted gown.)

I think I found The Dress photo 1   I think I found The Dress photo 2  I think I found The Dress photo 3

The usual bride-in-her-beloved-gown shots


I think I found The Dress photo 4  I think I found The Dress photo 5  I think I found The Dress photo 6

close-up of the beautiful bodice, the scary surrounding mirrors, and the back of the gown

I think I found The Dress photo 7  I think I found The Dress photo 8  I think I found The Dress photo 9

a side view, the appliques at the pick-ups that will be swapped for a few gold beads, the consultant crawling under my gown to pull up a little crinoline!

***Now to accessorize!***

Like just about every girl I know, I love me some jewelry :) For the big day, my generous mum is letting me borrow her (ridiculously expensive) Mikimoto pearl bracelet and graduated pearl necklace <3 Both pieces are classic and lovely, and I am so honored.

Pretty shiny things photo 1  Pretty shiny things photo 2

After searching without success for an equally pricey pair of earrings to match, I ended up finding the perfect pair for a mere $45 at Macy's! (Let it be known that price does not always dictate beauty.) My wonderful father bought them for me as a gift - what a sweetheart!

Pretty shiny things photo 3

To finish off the look, I will obviously have my e-ring and wedding band, but also my late grandmother's e-ring on my right hand. It makes me unbelievably sad that she can't be at my wedding, so I like knowing that I'll at least have something of hers near to me the entire day.

(pics to come soon)

***Onto the hair!***

Here's my flower! My mum spotted it at a bridal show, we both loved it, and she bought it on the spot! I love that it's ivory with a little gold tint in the center, since my gown is ivory and gold is one of our wedding colors!

Hair trials! I'm still torn!











my fabulous stylist and me <3

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I just might have to take some of your hair ideas!  You looked gorgeous!!!!


I absolutely love your gown, it's so beautiful :)

So stunning! great choice!

Your dress is amazing