Aug 07, 2005


==== Poetry ====

I have never been one to consider my self good in English and by no means a poet.  Yet the love of my family gives inspiriation to a side I may have never found...

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"Derek, you have been through much, put in tight spots, and made choices... some good, some bad... leaving us sometimes happy, sometimes sad... but from this moment we shall be happy, you and me, this I know, because it is what was meant to be... love between a family and their daddy!"
~*~ meoc ~*~



To My Children....

You are
The rhythm of my soul,
The bounce in my step,
The breath of my life,
The beat of my heart,
The blood that runs through my veins.

You give me
A reason to laugh,
A reason to cry,
A reason to smile,
A reason to try.

But most importantly,
You give me a reason to be...

Forever your mom,
That's what makes me, me.

Mercy Elizabeth Ornelas Cuenca


Good Day Everyone,

I previous submitted a poem I wrote as shown above to an organization which then put in into their contest...

Please come recognize my poetry by voting for My Children... you can click the link below and vote on its worthiness as you feel appropriate:


Mercy EO Cuenca