Jun 02, 2013


Catching Up!

Whew, I guess this is overdue.

The Fiance and I

We met last Fall through a mutual friend. Unfortunately it was a long distance thing, often causing seven hour phone calls that lasted all night. It's been a whirlwind of storybook passion and intensity, reaching the peak when I flew cross country to stay for a week/figure out exactly where this thing was going. We figured out precisely as I rounded the corner at LAX. For him, time stopped as he thought, "I'm going to marry her"...and for me, time flew as I walked? ran? into his arms. 

Hey, give a girl a break, it was a long flight. I might not have had eloquent thoughts,

but I knew.


The Colors


I really wanted Pink and Gold...and although he wouldn't protest (much), I figured adding a third color would 

- make him happy

- make it a bit more sophisticated, and less fluffy fairytale

- incorporate one of his passions: Wine!


The Vision

Enchanted Forest. Fairytale grown up. Or maybe better classified as a wine fairytale? LOL. It all seems so clear in my mind, but it seems less so as I try to describe it. Inspiration pics below!

(3) Comments

LOVE the vision

I wish I could hear more about your love story. Sounds beautiful.  Love the colors, too.

Sounds so beautiful! I love those colors, especially with a fairytale theme- i can't wait to see your inspiration!