Sep 24, 2011


So it starts...

My name is Patricia aka Trish and here is our story :)

We met in 3rd grade originally. We reconnected years later through a mutual old friends party and sparks flew! At the time he and I were both going threw terrible break ups. Mine from my 4 year relationship and his from his on and off 6 year relationship.So we really didn't know how to approach the fact that we both really liked each other. After a few months of being friends it was obvious to everyone around us that we would be great together. So our friends schemed and got us to admit our feelings. Needless to say we had a very bumpy road at the beginning, but here we are stronger than ever. Now we are planning our wedding for Sept. 24, 2011!! So far so good! Church ..check, reception hall...check, dj, photographer...check, florist..check. I know it's still early but attention to detail is very important to I know i'm gonna get all bridezilla at one point. My FI is totally ok with me handling everything with the whole scheme and design of the wedding..go figure :)We are definitly going for the whole romantic candlelight along with some black and white damask thrown in to off set our lavender theme. We are very excited to see this all come together :)

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amazing..sweet.great story

What an amazing story!

That's so sweet!!

What a beautiful story!  I love your bio.