Mar 29, 2008



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i recently joined projectwedding, since i was a member on LABridezilla, and I'm so happy to be here!

some basic info about me:

i live in southern california, specifically the LA/OC area. we got engaged back last thanksgiving at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, which is where we had our first date almost 2 years before. we're getting married in march of 2008, since we wanted some extra time. =)

along with planning the wedding, we're going to be house-hunting too! i'm having lots of fun planning the wedding. i'm just a bit worried about the house part, since homes are not cheap here in southern california. the thought of a budget and hefty mortgage scares me! =p

i'm a planner by nature, and i manage projects as my profession. so i wanted to get things done fairly quickly. heehee...i'd rather have more time than not enough time. we're both very laid back, so we didn't have any set things in mind for our wedding. there were no preconceived notions about anything. so that's made things a lot easier for us.

i've knocked the following things off our list for the wedding (as of sept 2007):

ceremony / reception site (same place)
pastor to officiate
live musicians
bridesmaids dresses
wedding dress
wedding shoes
wedding accessories
wedding cake
wedding "favors"
hotel room blocks
wedding website
wedding registry at macy's and crate & barrel
jewelry for my bridesmaids/sister
booked the makeup artist/hair stylist

to do list:
we ordered a sample of our invites, but we haven't placed our entire order yet.
we still need to find some shoes for my sisters (my 2 bridesmaids). i think this is going to be toughie since their dresses are "latte" color.

so i'm just trying to get some more ideas for the wedding. =) i'm aiming for the fun, relaxed feel. my main goal is for us and our guests to eat good food, and have a fun time. =)

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