Nov 27, 2010


Bridal Accessories


I plan to visit the Regina B showroom in NYC to try on some of these Regina B beauties:

 Bridal Accessories photo 1 Bridal Accessories photo 2 Bridal Accessories photo 3 Bridal Accessories photo 4 


Bridal Accessories photo 5 Bridal Accessories photo 6 Bridal Accessories photo 7

UPDATED 9/24/10

I visited the show room and had a great time playing dress up with Regina and all her pretty jewels.

I tried on lots of options and selected this comb and set of earrings:



The weather can be kinda unpredictable in New Jersey, too.  It should be cool and clear, but we could have an un-seasonably warm day, serious rain showers, and snow is possible, though I doubt it - it only snowed once on that weekend since I have been alive (25 years)!

With that being said I had been drooling over this coat, but the designer no longer makes it, so I'd have to have it made.  I don't think I have enough time to dedicate to this task:

Snowdrop, Aspera Collection, Alicja Eklöw.

 Bridal Accessories photo 8

It's probably a little too much coat, as I don't think it will be that cold.  So, I'm now considering this fur stole from

Bridal Accessories photo 9

UPDATED 10/19 - I purchsed a similiar vintage mink fur from Ebay in a blonde/honey color:


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I love it!

I live in Canada where the weather is unpredictable too! (Hail storm yesterday proves that - haha). Although I'm only November 6th, I'm having a stole on standby. Makes for great photos too :)

love em all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!