Jul 08, 2011


i ~DIY'd~ iT

Friends and Sister of Honor THANK YOU note cards

YEY... I've finally completed the thank you cards to my brides maids.  I had already asked verbally and they accepted.  So, I decided to send them some nicely made thank you notes instead. YEY... I'm mailing them off first thing in the morning.

What I ve Done So Far photo 1

Save The Dates

So, we finally finished our STDs and sent all 210 of them out on 9/16.  Rasta did the design, printing, and cutting of the back boarder card stock.  I did the cutting of the vellum, hole punched, assembled, stuffed, addressed, and mailed them.  Here is the final product..


DIY save the dates DIY Save the dates


Okay, the FH thought I was OUT OF MY MIND for doing these.  but after 2 months, lots of revisions, and plenty of red wine, I finished them and mailed them on 1/3/11.  I've already received phone calls from our friends and family about how lovely the letter was and it got everyone all excited and ready to go shop for their outfit. :)

Oh: the cost to send out my newsletters = $53.00 in postage.


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Lovely inspiration for your beach wedding and I love those DIY cards, they are fantastic! :)

And you guys did a beautiful job on the save the dates! I love how you've incorporated out herritage into everything! FAB :)

My girl's truly did adore these thank you notes.  My older sister was like, "I'm going to have to get a scrap book for your wedding for all the little artsy creative things you and Rasta are going to make".

I love these! Your girls will really cherish them :)