Feb 10, 2012


Advice for recpetion

Tips for a Great Reception


Here are 15 things you've probably never thought of.  It is rare that all these items are followed in any given event but the more you can adhere to them, the more likely your party will be at full steam come closing time.

1) Don't put the older guests next to the dance floor speakers.

2) Your entertainer should be visible.  Good entertainers will work to get people on the dance floor but they should be part of the action.

3) Ending a party before it winds down leaves everyone with the impression the floor was packed all night.  It just feels better when people are left wanting a little more versus being completely burned out.

4) A smaller dance floor is better than one that is too big.  Why?  The answer is simple: It creates the impression, whether real or not, that the floor is full.  People are more likely to dance when the crowd on the floor is dense than when they feel like they are the only ones out there.  

5) Less light is better for dancing.  People feel less "on-stage" when they think they're harder to see.

6) Keep exit doors closed but unlocked.  Open doors invite people to leave the main room and allow more light into the room which again works against the mood of the dance floor.

7) Extravagant scenery and facilities can distract your guests, actually making it harder to keep their attention on the dance floor.  They will want to wander off and explore.


8) Bars should always be located in the same room as the dance floor.  When located in another room, bars draw a large number of guests away from the entertainment. 

9) If you're going to close the bar for any period of time, do it during dinner.  Closing the bar later in the evening, signals the guests it's time to leave.

10) Select music that is upbeat.  You may have favorite that are very touching, but may create a saddened mood in guests.  Happy music keeps things going. 

11) A professional DJ is a great help in finding a perfect balance of music.  People dance to what they know.  A wedding reception is not the best time and place to show your friends and family that you're into obscure music.  Your guests will be of differing tastes so allow a broad enough selection so everyone can have a good time.

12) Your DJ has arrived early to your event and will not leave until hours after the party is over.  A serving of food at the DJ booth during dinner would be greatly appreciated.  There will be no consumption of alcohol at any time by the DJ or his staff.

13) People tend to remember the beginning and the end of an event.  That's why your DJ should introduce the bridal party.  It helps build rapport early on, and when done with energy and enthusiasm, sets a mood of excitement.

14) It is best for any traditional events or speeches to occur before dancing begins, this includes pictures of the bridal party.  

15) Don't compromise on the entertainment when looking for ways to cut costs.  You need a professional with many years of experience who can be relied upon to make your wedding memorable. 


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This is great advice!! :) Thanks for sharing!


very great advice!

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Wow...these are great tips!!