Jun 26, 2011


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My name is Shanna and I am 23 years old. I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. GO PACK GO! Yes, I am a Packer fan :) I love to travel and enjoy working out, watching movies, cuddling with the fiance, doing crafts & home decorating... I'm very addicted to HGTV and PW! I am currently in Beijing, China teaching English & developing curriculum with the FI. We're living with his parents until June when we come back for the wedding (YES I AM PLANNING A WEDDING FROM ACROSS THE WORLD... imagine trying to call vendors with a 13 hour time difference). I will teach 2nd grade next year at an International School in southern China. I am super excited for all that is coming up!! :)



Kurt is 23 years old and will teach 3rd grade teacher at the same International School in China this fall.  He loves tinkering with things (he built his own computer), he loves wake-boarding, biking, traveling (he's been to WAY more countries than I have), watching movies, and I think it's also safe to say he loves cuddling with me too- haha! Kurt has a much more exciting exotic life than me. He was born in Cortez, CO and moved to Beijing, China when he was going into 3rd grade. Both his parents are teachers so they decided they would try something new and teach in another country. So, Kurt grew up in China attending the International School of Beijing, so all of his friends are from all around the world. He even lived in Saudi Arabia for one year (7th grade). When Kurt and his family would come back to the U.S. for summers they took road trips around the U.S. His dad's family is from Michigan, and his mom's from Kansas so somehow they ended up staying "up north" in Minocqua, WI,  somewhere along the way which leads into how we met.... 





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I love that you all are so young yet you have experienced these great moments.  I wish you many more to come.

Wow! You two sound pretty exciting to me!

Thanks!! :) 

This so stinkin' cute!  Sounds like you are both so worldly!  Congrats on finding each other. :)