Jun 26, 2011


How We Met

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Since Kurt lived overseas and was only in Wisconsin for 6 weeks out of the year, it was difficult for him to find a summer job like everyone else in high school. He started bringing fresh water cultured pearls back from China to Wisconsin and started selling them at the Flea Market. I also happened to go up north (P.S. up north means northern WI for those of you who are wondering where in the world up north is!) every summer since middle school. 

Summer of 2007, (going into soph. year of college) I was up north with my best friend Laura. We always went to the Flea Market every single summer. We were shopping and I stumbled across Kurt's pearl booth and stopped to look at the jewelry. I immediately noticed Kurt and thought he was super cute! Finally we started talking and he invited my friend Laura and I to go boating at his place. A couple days later we went, Kurt and I had instant chemistry and were flirting the whole time!! The problem was I had a boyfriend (tsk, tsk) and Kurt had a girlfriend! He also went to Michigan State which was about a 8-9 hour drive from Green Bay where I went to college.

We had a fun couple of days and then he left to study abroad in Australia for the semester. We kept in touch while he was in Australia, he broke up with his girlfriend and I broke up with my boyfriend. We kept joking that we should meet up, etc. In February, he texted me telling me he was in the hospital because of something with his heart (he jokes to this day that he went for the sympathy text-HA!).

Kurt convinced me to come visit him at Michigan during my spring break I dragged my best friend along to visit Kurt and drive the 8 hours. NOTE: everyone thought I was CRAZY since Kurt and I had met the summer before and only seen each other a handful of times. It went SO well and the next of me visiting him we started dating. While I was visiting, Kurt's parents suggested he should ask me if I want to go back to China with him for a couple of weeks that coming summer. So, he asked me casually at a party after we both had been drinking and of course I agreed, I mean who wouldn't want to visit China?!  It was fun  interesting explaining to my family and friends that I had a boyfriend and that I was going to China with him in a month or so... haha. I'm pretty sure people thought I went off the deep end.

Anyways....from then until now, he ended up transferring to my college and here we are over three years later, graduated from college and both teachers and getting married in June... could it get any better?! :) 

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That doesn't sound crazy to me at all. Sounds like love!