Aug 07, 2011


The BLING/and Proposal =)

Not married yet, so I Shouldn't be wearing the wedding  band... but I have Zero self control >.<



and taken with my crappy phone camera!


The Proposal!

So like any girl, I felt the propsal coming! He told me we where going camping for the weekend. umm I hate camping! but I went along with it because I love him and he really wanted to go. SO he calls me at work on Friday 7/30/10 to be exact! and told me to wear somthing nice. NICE? umm... to go camping?! again, I played along and dressed up. Then when I was almost ready, he walks in with all these presents! yay! presents! hahah. Then we head to the car where he proceeds to blind fold me! we drove to my favorite sushi place in Laguna Niguel! we had a great dinner! then he took me to a really nice hotel in Laguna Beach... OMG! so much better than camping! LOL! after we checked in, we "took a walk" to the beach that we both would go to when we things where great or when things where hard in our lives. Then a longer story short, he got down on one knee and popped the question. I didn't say "yes" at first, I was too busy crying and hugging and kissing him. LOL oops, I guess my actions spoke louder than my words. Oh and we DID end up going camping the next day, at least I was A LOT happier to go! hehe. It was the most romantic night a girl could ask for. He really thought it out, I am so happy he asked me where he did. we will always be able to visit there and hopefully bring our children there one day =) i'm such a romantic!



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What a gorgeous ring!  And btw, I was totally guilty of the same thing when I got my wedding band :p  Happy planning! XO

We all do the same when we know and have access to the wedding band. lol

Your ring is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

WOW that is gorgeous!!!