Nov 07, 2014

Pharrell's song "Happy" pretty much sums up how I feel. I am a fun, creative, loving mother, daughter, sister, friend, and bride-to-be! I am planning my November 2014 nuptials to the man of my dreams whom I've known since middle school! After 18 years of knowing each other and 8 years of dating, we are finally making it OFFICIAL! #teamtoombs

It's all in the EYES~Make Up!

I am totally a MAC girl {though I don't wear makeup too often}...I love eyeshadows that pop though so I know I will probably go for a dramatic eye before anythinng else, just undecided right now...


It s all in the EYES Make Up photo 1 Courtesy of Kai Shadows (facebook)


It s all in the EYES Make Up photo 2 Also by Kai {this is also beautiful}


It s all in the EYES Make Up photo 3 Kai Shadows


Other eyes I heart:





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love those looks!


Ok...I'm going against the grain I see but I must say I like #1 best.  It stands out and really matches your theme.  Love the feathers!!

Wow I like them all. I'll have to find her on facebook.