Nov 07, 2014

Pharrell's song "Happy" pretty much sums up how I feel. I am a fun, creative, loving mother, daughter, sister, friend, and bride-to-be! I am planning my November 2014 nuptials to the man of my dreams whom I've known since middle school! After 18 years of knowing each other and 8 years of dating, we are finally making it OFFICIAL! #teamtoombs

Sign here please...GuestBook

I wanted a twist to our guest book rather than just have guests just sign their names and go...I stumbled upon and had this gorgeous dupioni silk book custom made to my liking. It was customized to have one page per guest and it lists questions such as:

Name and address

How do you know the couple?

Advice for the newlyweds?

Well wishes

Here she is...



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This Guest Book is beautiful!

Thank you! :-)

this is really nice!!!!

Thanks mahoganieyes