Jul 08, 2011


Meet the bridal party..all 15 of them!

Although I always imagined having only three or four girls, Dan had to have his seven guys. Being OCD, I couldn't handle the uneven number, so I recruited seven of my own... and am so happy I did! What gorgeous girls and wonderful friends! As for Dan's boys - they don't come more loyal. The flower girl is my cousin's daughter and pretty much my favorite child in the world. We're sooo lucky to have these people in our lives.

Maid of Honor - Jenn

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Jenn and I met as graphic design majors in undergrad school. I'm so excited that within two months of each other, we both became engaged, on the beach, to our dark-haired boyfriends named Daniel! No one works harder at her day job (graphic design), evening jobs (freelance designer AND dance instructor), or degree (MBA) - and yet she still has time to be such a wonderful friend. Dan and I are both only children, so there are no sisters to chose for a MoH, but I knew immediately that Jenn would be my sister on my wedding day <3

Bridesmaid - Nicole

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Nicole's nickname is "Sweet Nicole" - no joke! I met Nicole six or seven years ago through a mutual friend. She is an elementary school guidance counselor during the school year and works with autistic children in the summer. When I was in her wedding as a bridesmaid, I was shown the absolute opposite of Bridezilla. There isn't a kinder, gentler, more dependable person in this world. Some people say their SO makes them want to be a better person - for me, it's Nicole who is the inspiration!

Bridesmaid - Amy

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Amy and I also met as art majors in college, although her degree is in metalsmithing and jewelry. And my God, is she talented! She was named one of the top emerging artists in Philadelphia and has her own line of jewelry. When she moved out to Arizona she also began and maintained a professional cake business up until she started her new office job. No one is more creative, and yet no one is more organized! I am so honored that she's going to be my BM since she has to fly across the country AND she and her husband are expecting their first baby only months before my wedding!

Bridesmaid - Ali

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Everyone says they don't care what anyone thinks about them. Alison is probably the only person I know for whom that is true. She is so incredibly fun to be around because she genuinely just does what she wants. She's never hurtful or mean to anyone; she just doesn't worry about creating a certain image. Ali is a total original and never boring. My only hesitation in asking her to be a bridesmaid is that, in addition to working as a model scout, she herself is a model! And what bride wants a model standing next to her in wedding photos???  ;)

Bridesmaid - Stacey

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I met Stacey through Alison, whom, incidentally I met through Jenn. I remember thinking that she seemed so pleasant - I couldn't imagine her being in a bad mood or getting angry. And through the years, I can honestly say that I still can't imagine her angry or in a bad mood. No matter what unexpected thing happens, she rolls with the punches. And there are a lot of unexpected things! I have never met someone who has had so many crazy (mostly good) experiences... My wedding instantly became exciting when Stacey joined the bridal party!

Bridesmaid - Tina

Tina and I work at the same district. I'd love to say that we met at a district workshop or meeting, but we actually first started chatting at a work happy hour! T is the most bubbly, energetic girl anyone could meet. She's the gym teacher who does every activity with her students all day and then hits the gym or dance class that night. We've shared gossip, a shorehouse, nights out (that ended up long sleepovers!) and just about everything else except clothes - she's the tiniest little thing... I have no idea how so much energy fits inside!

Bridesmaid - Gina

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Earlier I mentioned that Dan and I are both only children, so therefore neither of have a sister for the wedding party. However, we both are very close to our cousins, so when it was time to chose my seventh bridesmaid, I immediately thought of Gina. Gina is Dan's cousin, and I can honestly say that she's also our friend. I absolutely adore her; even if she weren't family, I would want her in my wedding. She may be the youngest by almost a decade (the lucky girl will only be 22 at the time of the wedding), but she's so incredibly mature, fun, and brilliant. MY MoH loves her, and I know that as the other girls meet her, they will too. 


Dan's Crew

Best Man Update!!! Dan has made a decision! The BM will be the wonderful Shawn! 


              Meet the bridal party all 15 of them photo 10

                     Groomsman - Joe S.                                                    Groomsman - Joe D.

Meet the bridal party all 15 of them photo 8               Meet the bridal party all 15 of them photo 11

                        Groomsman - Fran                                          Groomsman - Mark

    Meet the bridal party all 15 of them photo 13 Meet the bridal party all 15 of them photo 9

                      Groomsman - Brian                                                Groomsman - John

Meet the bridal party all 15 of them photo 12  Meet the bridal party all 15 of them photo 14


Our darling flower girl - Abbey

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Abigail is my cousin's daughter and most likely the sweetest, brightest, best-behaved, and all-round loveliest child in the world. I'm not a kid-person - in fact, Abbey is the only child involved and invited (because she's in the bridal party, of course), but I just melt when I'm around this little girl. FI wants a baby one day, and he always uses the possibility of another  Abigail in his persuasion :)

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