Jul 08, 2011


Bridesmaids' style

I have seven girls in my bridal party, and I really love the look of seven different, yet similar dresses. I chose  tea-length, A-line, pink taffeta dresses with gold accents (ribbons/sashes when applicable). However, the top portion of each dress is a little different.

Initially I thought that it would be impossible to find seven different dresses from the same designer (necessary to keep shade of color identical) that would match my vision, but I think I did it! One of the dresses has removable straps and a removable ribbon that change the look of the dress, so one girl will wear it with straps but no ribbon and the other will wear the reverse.

I can't post them in pink, so use your imaginations ;) (All photos are from DaVinci Bridal)

               MOH - Jenn                                            Bridesmaid - Nicole

Bridesmaids dresses photo 1            Bridesmaids dresses photo 3

            Bridesmaid - Amy                                         Bridesmaid - Gina

Bridesmaids dresses photo 4             Bridesmaids dresses photo 6

           Bridesmaid - Ali                                       Bridesmaids - Tina, Stacey

Bridesmaids dresses photo 5             Bridesmaids dresses photo 2

The last dress is the one that will be worn by two girls, one with straps and the other without. I may also remove the ribbon for one and keep it for the other, just to make a further distinction.


This is the necklace that I bought for each of them as part of their gifts. I think it compliments the dress and hope it will be something they can wear after the wedding.


I also got this for my MOH:


It came from a little boutique in Peddler's Village, PA.

As for shoes - all I asked is that they be gold. Style and heel height are all up to them. Since I'm not paying for hair, make-up, or shoes, I really don't feel right telling them what they have to do/wear.


And here's what my beautiful Mum will be wearing! I think the soft sage color will be perfect with our color scheme! She is having the seamstress shorten it to tea length.


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Love all those gifts!! Lucky girlies!!

I ♥ the different dresses, I ♥ their necklaces & I really ♥ the jewelry envelopes :)

k, the jewelry holders are PERFECT!!  And I love them and thanks for sharing!

I love how the jewelry envelopes turned out!