Aug 28, 2010


Wedding Recap

My day started early. I was having trouble sleeping, due to how excited I was. I quietly crept out of bed about an hour before the alarm went off, called room service, and had breakfast delivered. Or's alarm went off in time for him to sit and have a quiet, delicious breakfast with me before our crazy day began. Yes, bacon was involved. Are you surprised?

After breakfast, Or headed back to our house to continue getting things ready. I had an hour to myself. I read over the words I had prepared for Or. Reading them out loud made me tear up, which is how I knew they were done. Then I watched some TV to clear my head.

Then, my ladies started arriving. First, Sara and Julie, two of my amazing bridesmaids. Then Colleen, my AWESOME hairdresser and a dear friend of mine. Then, the make up artist. And my day began. Hair. Make up. More hair. The photographers arrived. Pictures of more hair and make up. I up on my thigh high rainbow socks. I was fed a bacon and turkey sandwich (yes, bacon again). I know we were running late, but I knew it would all work out. There are no stress on my end. I put my dress on, had my veil tucked in to my hair, and went off to frolic with the photographer.

We took a bunch of solo pictures. I tried to make sure to stand up straight and not tuck my chin in. I was having a good time. Then, we did the first look. Or looked so handsome. It was nice to be spending a part of the day with him again. We took some fun pictures of the two of us, and then it was time to queue up. Holy crap!

So, we make out way to where we needed to be. And there was my dad, looking all dashing and handsome. And a few guests were running late, so they got a sneak peak as I scolded them. I was hidden out a little behind the rest of the bridal party so the guests couldn't see me. I couldn't really hear the music, but I snuck up to the wall we were behind to sneak a peak over as the moms and the flower girl walked down the aisle. They looked so good.

Wedding Recap photo 1

Then, it was Or's turn. The aisle is abnormally long, with trees and turns and such, so I lost sight of him as soon as he started running out to the Superman theme. It seemed to take him a while to get down the aisle, but then I saw him running up and taking his place next to Sky.

Wedding Recap photo 2

Next was the bridal party, dancing out. And they looked like they were having so much fun! My ring bearer was next. Then, I heard the kazoos. The whole audience was playing "Here Comes The Bride" on the kazoo (we had put a kazoo on every chair). Holy crap! And we were walking.

Wedding Recap photo 3
Wedding Recap photo 4

Oh my god. I was walking down the aisle at my own wedding. OH MY GOD. We round the corner and there are our guests. All my favorite people. There was my trainer, looking dashing. And my dear friend Rob. And my family.

Wedding Recap photo 5

And then I looked up, and there was Or, the man who would only be my fiance for a few moments longer. He looks so handsome. And so nervous. And there's blood on his upper lip. What happened? Did he get a bloody nose? Did someone punch him? Why would someone punch him?? I tried to wipe it off, and he flinched. And then he smiled.

Wedding Recap photo 6

And oh, his two front teeth. They had this u-shaped chip out of them. He was smiling, but his eyes weren't. He must have tripped. But he was here, and he was okay. My thoughts weren't really coming. I just reacted. I started laughing. Because here we were, on our wedding day, and, I mean, how could you plan for something like this? So, I laughed.

Wedding Recap photo 7
Wedding Recap photo 8

And then Sky started talking. He was quoting The Princess Bride, and hte audiance was laughing along with me. And we were getting MARRIED.

Wedding Recap photo 9

Sky said some amazing things, and then it was our turn to talk to each other. We did rock-paper-scissors to decide who was going first. Or won, explained to the audience he had fallen and chipped his tooth, then said amazing lovely things to me. Then, he sang a modified version of the Rubber Duckie Song, with his groomsmen accompanying him on the kazoo. I'll admit, I teared up a whole bunch. It was amazing.
Wedding Recap photo 10
Wedding Recap photo 11
Wedding Recap photo 12
Wedding Recap photo 13
Wedding Recap photo 14
Wedding Recap photo 15
Wedding Recap photo 16
Wedding Recap photo 17

And then it was my turn. I read my heart to him. I couldn't help choking up.

Wedding Recap photo 18
Wedding Recap photo 19
Wedding Recap photo 20

And then Or rick rolled the audience.

And then, we were married. MARRIED! HUSBAND AND WIFE.

Wedding Recap photo 21
Wedding Recap photo 22
Wedding Recap photo 23

The next chunk is more of a blur. The guests all headed to the reception. The hotel manager talked to us about Or's fall. I laughed some more. Or iced his face.

Wedding Recap photo 24
Wedding Recap photo 25

We took some group shots, with Or hiding the holes in his pants. We took some time, just the two of us, in our hotel room, and then we headed out to the reception.

Our back yard was decorated beautifully. Our friends and family, and our amazing wedding coordinator did a FANTASTIC job.

Wedding Recap photo 26
Wedding Recap photo 27
Wedding Recap photo 28
Wedding Recap photo 29
Wedding Recap photo 30

Our favors, on top of the kazoos, were rubber duckies (for obvious reasons), and See's Candy lollipops. The bar where we met had been shut down, and a See's candy shop was up in its place.

Wedding Recap photo 31

The next 5 hours or so were filled with talking to all these people I love and adore. I danced, took photobooth pictures, hugged dozens of people, ate some food, chugged diet coke, talked to so many people, felt so loved, laughed and laughed, tried to hook up my single friends.

Wedding Recap photo 32
Wedding Recap photo 33
Wedding Recap photo 34
Wedding Recap photo 35
Wedding Recap photo 36

The food! Was a big hit. Delicious. Plentiful. People are still asking me where we got specific dishes. My bridal party got me wedding apron, so I wouldn't have to worry about dripping BBQ sauce all over my dress.

Wedding Recap photo 37

The cake! It was amazing. Our friend Meg did such an awesome job. It looked stunning. The vegan cake I tried was amazing.

Wedding Recap photo 38
Wedding Recap photo 39
Wedding Recap photo 40
Wedding Recap photo 41
Wedding Recap photo 42
Wedding Recap photo 43
Wedding Recap photo 44
Wedding Recap photo 45
Wedding Recap photo 46

The photobooth Sky built for us was AMAZING.

Wedding Recap photo 47
Wedding Recap photo 48

My flowers Marla made for the whole wedding were STUNNING. I could not have asked for a better florist.

Wedding Recap photo 49
Wedding Recap photo 50
Wedding Recap photo 51

We did the typical garter and bouquet toss. Our friend Skan caught the garter, and my new friend Kristy caught the bouquet.

Wedding Recap photo 52
Wedding Recap photo 53
Wedding Recap photo 54

Our first dance was to "Happy Together," the wedding theme song.

Wedding Recap photo 55

At some point, after most of the people had left, I changed into my pajamas and took a nap. Or and I finally headed back to the hotel room around 2am.

The day was memorable and amazing and hilarious and wonderful, and a day I will never, ever forget.

PS: Or's teeth are now fixed. YAY.

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I am absolutely disappointed that I missed this, but SO happy I finally found it! A belated congrats to you and your hubby! It sounds like you had an amazing, love filled day. And I'm glad his teeth are now fixed :)

Congrats!  I love your wedding so much.  The photo of you witht diet Coke is awesome!  Love the ducks, too.


What a fun fun wedding! I love how everything came together :)  Such an intimate and personal wedding... loooove the kazoos!

Congrats, Mrs <3