Oct 28, 2011



This is what I hope I can make my bouquet look like:

Bouquet Inspiration photo 1


Bouquet Inspiration photo 2

I ended up not doing this myself because I decided to go faux-floral and found this amazing seller on Etsy:

Kate Said Yes


She was a dream to work with and made custom bouquets for me and my BM's.

This is what each of the BM's will be carrying:

And this is mine:

I added a band of Swarovski crystals around the base but I don't have a good pic of it. I made fiddleheads out of clay and that was a success, but it didn't look right with the style of the bouquet. So I had to leave them out. 

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great job on your bouquet!

Yes, we might be bouquet twins!  I was going to DIY mine too.  Good luck and can't wait to see how it turns out. 

That's so glam!

bouquet is hot!