May 15, 2010




DIY photo 1DIY photo 2

More pics HERE and HERE.

Centerpiece "Crystal" Strands:

DIY photo 3DIY photo 4


Reserved For Chair Signs:

DIY photo 5

More about them HERE.

Table Numbers:

DIY photo 6

More pics HERE.

Centerpiece Candles:

DIY photo 7

Lots more on this HERE.


DIY photo 8

This pic was taken before I added green diamond confetti and spray painted the branches dark brown. More pics HERE.

Don't Drink and Drive Signs (so easy it barely counts as a DIY):


DIY photo 9

Blog post HERE.

Thumb Print Tree Guest Book:

DIY photo 10

More on this HERE.

Card Vase (so easy almost not a DIY):

DIY photo 11

More on this HERE.

Wish "Jar":

DIY photo 12

More pics HERE.

Favor Boxes:

DIY photo 13

How I made them and more pics HERE.

Flip Flop Dancing Shoe Rack:

DIY photo 14

More about this HERE.

Invitations (they were the print-yourself kind, but they ended up being a DIY project):

DIY photo 15

I outlined the pattern in light green. Original on the left and colored on the right. More pics HERE.

DIY photo 16

RSVP cards

DIY photo 17

Back of the invite

DIY photo 18

Front of the invite printed on vellum. Read about my vellum printing problems and see more pics HERE.

DIY photo 19

Finished invites and my helper.

DIY photo 20

Addressing them seemed like a whole separate DIY project!

DIY photo 21

I also made rehearsal dinner invitations. More about it HERE.

Photo Upload Cards:

DIY photo 22

Ok. Not really a DIY b/c I made them on and had them printed by Vistaprint! More about the upload cards HERE.

Photo Scavenger Hunt:

DIY photo 23

Almost too easy to be a DIY too. See more HERE.


DIY photo 24

I made my veil from netting I bought on ebay and a rhinestone brooch also from ebay.

Unity Sand Picture Frame:

DIY photo 25DIY photo 26

Tutorial and details HERE.

Bathroom Baskets:

DIY photo 27DIY photo 28

I put them together myself and made the tags for them so they count as DIY right? More pics and details HERE.

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you are on a roll! love all your DIY's! PMing you about one lol