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Volume 1: 9/10/10 ~ 1 year out

One of my PW bff's, miriamrogers, sent me her powerpoint template and I edited it to fit our wedding [you're awesome, miriam!!]. I snail-mailed this issue to my girls, which was a HUGE mistake! I had it printed at Kinkos on Glossy Paper, double sided, in full color, and it cost me $48 dollars plus stamps for six copies!! They looked fabulous, but I will surely be emailing PDFs for future volumes!

In Volume 1, I did a brief intro to the newsletter, gave them the website information, printed pictures and info about each BM, put together all of their phone numbers and email addresses, gave them a tentative BM timeline over the next year, asked their opinions on a few things (hair & makeup, accommodations, spa day, etc.), covered the look and things they need to do, gave them a brief overview of our wedding plans and gave them my PW bio website info, and wrote a little thank you note.

I have the template for sale on my etsy shop! :)

Bridesmaid Newsletter photo 1 Bridesmaid Newsletter photo 2

Bridesmaid Newsletter photo 3 Bridesmaid Newsletter photo 4

Bridesmaid Newsletter photo 5 Bridesmaid Newsletter photo 6

I'll probably send one issue each month, but from here on out, all issues will be via e-mail!

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It turned out so great! The reason I asked whether you were printing or emailing when you first started was the printing costs! I condensed mine down to two pages and sent it electronically once I heard how much it would be to print them! LOL