Apr 16, 2011


Our Story....

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     Our story is seemingly average to most people but for our friends and family’s, they realize that us meeting each other couldn’t have come at a better time in both our lives. I was at a rough spot in life, was sick of the dating scene and about ready to throw in the towel. Finally giving into my mothers nagging, I tried internet dating where I met Tom. Poor Tom was separated from his wife and felt like things were falling apart around him but he refused to give in, wanted to remarry, have a family and be happy. After emailing for quite awhile I grew the courage to finally meet him and we hit it off. Two days later we had our second date and we have been inseparable since. We dated for a little over a year and a half before his house sold and he and his dog moved in with me and my three cats. I’d love to say that we are one big happy family, which we are, aside from the fact that the dog wants to eat his three kitty sisters. We manage quite well though and have learned to work around the sibling rivalry.

A few weeks before my birthday, out of the blue, Tom told me that he wanted to buy me a ring. I was completely caught off guard and almost fell over. It wasn’t that we never discussed marriage because I that point I fully intended to marry him, I just didn’t know when, especially considering our overall financial situation. I’m an underpaid state worker and he was a recent divorce whose business went under. We discussed it and decided that we would look at rings so he had an idea of what I liked. A few days later, it hit me! Since we were strapped for cash, why not use the beautiful engagement ring that my cousin, who I had been really close with, left me after she unexpectedly passed away?! Besides saving money, most importantly, the ring would have tremendous sentimental value for me. Tom later had a few stones added on the side to make it mine but the original setting and stones were from my cousin Merika’s ring.

     On April 4, 2010, we went to my parents house for Easter. While the kids were out in the front yard hunting for Easter eggs, Tom took me out to the back porch which over looks my sister’s beautiful horse farm and proposed! The best part was, no one in my family had any idea but my father. Tom had asked my dad awhile ago for my hand and my dad told him yes. He also thanked him for asking because out of four girls, Tom was the only man who had asked my father first. We have decided on April 16, 2011 next year to get married. Since being engaged, we’ve run into many bumps in the road. First, we can’t get married in the church because we need an annulment….problem solved! I work for a judge! Second, the ex-wife is back and suing. We are currently battling this but I look at it this way, if we can handle all this before we are married than we can handle anything afterwards. In the time we have been dating we have been each other’s rocks. Our relationship is solid and communication is our number one priority. Thanks to that, any curveballs that life throws us we battle together. There are many days where I wish that life was kinder to us but then again, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I can truly say I am madly in love with Tom and cannot wait to start our new life together and hopefully, a new family (human family that is! We currently have four legged furry children only, lol).




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Such a lovely story! What a wonderful way to honor your cousin's memory and gift to you. I love that!