Mar 24, 2011


::DIY Hair Flower::

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In under 20 minutes!  My hair trial is tomorrow (09/11), and while I don't have my veil yet (another DIY) I really wanted to have my hair flower so I'd at least have a bit of a feeling of what my hair will look like.  But, unfortunately, the mall didn't yield quite the selection of accessories that I'd hoped for.  Etsy pieces are beautiful, but a little out of my budget. So, a quick trip to Michael's, and for under $20.00, and less than 20 minutes, I have a hair piece that I'm excited to wear!

*note:  I have never, EVER attempted anything like this.  The final product is very simple, but very much what I was hoping for.

DIY Hair Flower photo 1

A little blurry, but there are fake-y stem type thingys in here. I cut them off, right down to the centre.

DIY Hair Flower photo 2

You'll need a clip of some sort (all depending on what kind of hold you want/flower you're using, etc).  I used a 60mm snap clip ($3.99 for 8 at Michael's).  I cut a length of slim ivory ribbon (already in the house) and used my glue gun to attach it to the end of the clip.  Then I tightly wrapped the ribbon down the length of the clip- only one side, though! You don't want to wrap it up so it can't open. ;)

DIY Hair Flower photo 3

Then I glued the end of the ribbon to the end of the clip.  Once the glue was set, I cut off any excess ribbon.  For fun, I added a large-ish crystal to the pinch end of the clip (sorry, blurry again).

DIY Hair Flower photo 4

Being pretty generous with the glue gun, run a bead of glue across the ribbon side of the clip.  Work quickly, while it's still warm and attach it as close to the centre of the flower as possible. Hold for 20-30 seconds, until the glue is set.

DIY Hair Flower photo 5

Ta da! To finish it off, I added 4 crystals to the centre of the flower (using the glue gun), adding a bit of bling and covering up the ugly hole left from the removal of the stem thingys.

DIY Hair Flower photo 6

My messy hair!


  1. Fake flowers can often just be pulled off their stems. Try that before attacking with a pair of scissors.
  2. Uploading these pics took longer than the whole project (even counting when I had to re-do the crystals).  Don't let DIY scare you because you think it's so time consuming.
  3. Expensive doesn't necessarily mean good. The flower was $6.99, the clip was only $0.49! Everything else I had at home.  An the crystals are plastic, but still look great.
  4. More does not equal better. Simple is often the best way o go for dramatic effect.  You don't want to look like a walking trend.
  5. Try new things! You might be very good at them. :)
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beautiful. Great job. I bought mine on Etsy(and your right there not cheap). Your is gorgeous

Simply beautiful! ;)

Love this! It's exactly what I want!