Jul 08, 2011


Literary: Inspiration v. Reality

I wanted a theme, but I couldn't think of one that would be a.) original (or at least not overdone) b.) subtle - nothing that appears costumey c.) affordable - I didn't want to have to choose incredibly expensive decor in order to make the theme visible.

I didn't start out by looking for a theme, but because I'm an English teacher, writer, and avid reader, I found myself drawn to all things literary. Not unexpectedly, FI and I decided to have a couple non-traditional readings at our wedding. I immediately began collecting famous and obscure quotes, excerpts, and poems about love, romance, marriage, etc. (the second-to-last entry in my bio has a lot of them - feel free to check them out!)

First, I saw these amazing cakes:

We somehow have a theme photo 2 We somehow have a theme photo 3

Writing around the tiers! Love it! Our colors are pink, gold, and ivory, so we'll probably do a pale pink cake with ivory writing, but with a stronger contrast like in the blue cake. I was so excited that FI loves this style, too!

For a cake topper, we're doing a large, fresh peony (just the top - not the other tiers)


Flavors (the best part!)

Bottom tier: Rich, chocolate pound cake with raspberry filling

Third tier: Raspberry marble pound cake with rich, dark chocolate fudge filling

Second tier: Chocolate chip pound cake with rich, dark chocolate fudge filling

Top tier (the one that we take home and is just for us chocoholics): Rich, chocolate pound cake with rich, dark chocolate fudge filling

We're also having a dozen gluten-free cupcakes placed around the cake (six vanilla, six chocolate) with pink icing and little 'L&D" designs on top (they're mostly for the benefit of my cousin who has Celiac)

*** And here's how ours came out***

Bakery: Lochel's

After the cake, I saw these awesome STDs on Mydreamring's bio page.

We somehow have a theme photo 4

Bookmark the dates! How awesome! I told mydreamring that I'm totally stealing her idea, and she was so sweet that she directed me to the DIY step-by-step instructions!

*** And here's how ours came out***

Here are the ones we ended up creating and having printed by 

       {front}                {back}


How precious is this sign?? Even though our venue is at the end of a long cul-de-sac, I still think I need to make one of these!

*** And here's how ours came out***

So then I was paging through a bridal magazine (The Knot - Pennsylvania Brides edition) and saw these fabulous "picture frames." Taking books like Great Expectations and The Sun Also Rises, cut out the first few pages and lightly glue in e-photos to display at the reception. Brilliant!

I wish I could find the photo of my inspiration :(

***And here's how ours came out***

Here are some of the books

The covers/titles I chose (all from Dollar Tree!) and the inside of the books with our photos:


Here is a close up of the photos and slightly messed up cut jobs, oops!:


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I love that cake. Are you going to put your vows on it?

I love the words on the cakes!


That sign is to die for! You have given me great ideas, thank you love! :)

I love words on a cake!!!  two of my friends did this for their wedding cake and it was AMAAAZING!!