Oct 06, 2007

Got hitched in 2007 in Walnut Creek, CA, spent less than $20k for a wedding with 160 people! Had a kid in 2009. Had another one in 2014. I'm a freelance graphic designer specializing in invitations, paper goods, etc, check me out: www.alextebow.com

My brother's wedding

My younger brother was getting married August 1, 2009. But they have decided to postpone until 2011. My bro's employer drastically cut his hours and both of them are still finishing college. So there was no way they could afford to live together. So, they decided to postpone with hopes that the economy might improve and they'll be in a better situation financially.  Either way, I'm having a great time helping them with their plans.

My brother, Michael, proposed to Sara at Snow White's Wishing Well at Disneyland. DH and I were lucky enough to be there snapping photos. We'll probably use a couple of the photos in their STD.

My brother s wedding photo 1

That's me holding the ring box while we talk about "making a wish..."

My brother s wedding photo 2

My brother s wedding photo 3   My brother s wedding photo 4 Yay!


They have booked the Purple Orchid Inn in Livermore for the whole weekend, including their 10 guest rooms. It's a beautiful bed & breakfast in the Livermore Wine Valley. It has its own oilve orchard with beautiful Tuscany-like views. I kinda wish I'd known about this place for my wedding...   Despite the postponement, they still plan to get married here.


The bride's favorite color is purple and she is leaning towards this Jim Hjelm gown for her 7 bridesmaids. I will be one of them along with my sister. Her younger sister with be MOH.

My brother s wedding photo 5 My brother s wedding photo 6

She's chosen the Eggplant color, it's not a loud royal purple, it's quite lovely. I wonder if I'll be able to use it as a normal cocktail dress after the wedding if I shorten it to knee length?


As the designer in the family, I'm working on designs for their STDs and invitations. Here are some works in progres


My brother s wedding photo 7

My brother s wedding photo 8

My brother s wedding photo 9

I'm looking forward to finishing the design with them and then moving on to invitations. :-D


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I need to ask..How do you make these? I love the idea of the magnet as a keepsake.

Great job! How cool that you were able to be there for the engagement. She's lucky to have your help planning the wedding too.

that dress is stunning!  the std's look great too!